In the Baker street section I wanted to add in a map that shows the user where Baker Street is in London. So I went onto stamen maps and google maps too see. When on Stamen maps I noticed they had many different versions of how you could see the map. The first one I looked at was the toner map which gave me a black and white version of Baker Street. I thought this one was cool as I thought it would fit well in my website as it would go with the black and white Images.

The second map type I looked at was the terrain map that gave me a more modern feel to it and shows me in more detail Where Baker Street is. I liked this one but as I said I think the above one would fit better with my websites look and feel.

The third map type I looked at was the watercolour one that as it says shows you the map in watercolours. I did not really like this one but I looked at it anyway for research purposes. I thought it was not as good as the others as it doesn't show you the road names or buildings.

The final map I looked at was google maps as it is the most well known and the best map to use. It gave me all of the street names and locations.

Final Map

In the end I decided not to use any of these maps but instead I created my own by taking the map from google and drawing it out in Figma and added an arrow showing where 221b Baker street is. I thought this was a better idea as it allowed me to create a map that fitted into the aesthetic of my immersive prototype and my website. I am happy with how it looks as it fits seamlessly into both.