before I got to designing my immersive prototype I decided to go and find others so that I could get ideas of what I could do. There was one that we where told about in class that is a Scandal in Bohemia by Paravel. It is an immersive website created for the exploration into what immersive reading could be.

I looked at different parts of the immersive website and found it to be very interesting so I took a few screen shots of the bits I liked the most.

The first bit you see in the home page is the title and an image at the back. the image and the title also fade in from black and fog clears from the home page and floats around the page. I though this was a very nice touch as it makes it feel like victorian London all dark and foggy, and when you watch movies set during this time it looks like that at night.

I also like how they layout the content as it is all down the middle in one column and each sentence is not too long so you lose concentration. I liked how they use black and white images for each of the pictures and it looks like they are hand drawn as well, all of this add to the victorian feel of this story.

As I scrolled down the page I noticed this pink note that looks like a sticky note, It caught my eye as it is a bright pink note in the middle of a black screen and also there is an animation that plays when you see it as the note bounces up and down. This was obviously done to catch the users attention as it caught mine and it makes you wanna read what is on the note.

When I looked at part 2 and 3 I noticed at the start there was a clock and a light in the two respectively. When you load into part 2 you seen an old victorian clock and the pendulum is swinging back and forth it is a subtle animation but it is effective as it adds to the immersive experience of the site. It is the same when you load into part 3 you see an old victorian street lamp and you see the flame blowing in the wind. I think that cause he used the old victorian light and clock it fits very well into the website.

The final section I seen on this site was a map that has a two red dots but then as you watch more a red line appears down the street connecting the two dot together. This is to show where the characters are going in the story. I really like how they did the map as it is different shades of black and grey and is the same as the rest of the site so it keeps in with the theme. Also the little animation showing the route they take in the story helps to visualise to the reader where the characters are going.

Overall I really like this site and I had fun looking through it as it was very immersive and actually made reading it engaging and fun, It showed me different things I could include within my own immersive prototype and showed me the way an immersive prototype should look and feel.