Sherlock Holmes - Film (2009)


When researching into this movie I noticed a couple of different fonts used. The first one I noticed was the name of the movie on any promotional material. To me it feels and looks likes bricks which fits in well with Victorian London as at that time they where going through the industrial revolution and it give that feeling of being well a well structured like 221b Baker Street.

Another font I noticed in the credit sequences was a serif font that I think fits very well into that time period as people where still writing letters in those days. As it is a very grand type that has a lot of curls on the end of the letters, to me it looks like it someone has written the name out in an old calligraphy style


The pacing of the movie changes through out as it starts off slow but then it speeds up as we get a big action at the start that sucks you in when you are watching it. The movies seems to keep to this throughout as there are sections that are fast and then ones that are slow and it keeps you hooked through the entire film and doesn't let you get bored watching it.

There is a point in the film where Sherlock is engaging in a bare knuckle fight which is all fast paced but then it slows down as Sherlock is planning all of his next moves. This part mixes slow and fast really well as when it slows down you do not loose any of the effect. this also happens a few times when Holmes and Watson are in a crime scene and Holmes goes over all the clue It also allows the audiences to see everything and create their own assumptions. Another thing I noticed with this movie and the pacing is the music as certain parts where the action picks up the music gets faster and goes along with the scene or in one dramatic scene near the end when there is an explosion the music is serious and suspenseful.


When watching the movie I noticed that most of the colours where Green, Brown, blue and maroon all in different monochromatic tones. As the theme of the movie is dark and hints at black magic the colours fit the theme and tone. I also think the colours fit with the victorian era as London back then was dark and dreary and the sky was filled with smoke from the factories.

Sherlock Holmes A Game of Shadows

After watching the 2009 film I then decided to go and watch the sequel A Game of Shadows and I looked for all the same things as before.